Episode 67 is here!

If you know anything about the Caribbean Cricket Podcast you'll know we love to talk about the history and culture of our region as much as the cricket itself.

With that in mind it was always an intention of ours to record an episode looking at Caribbean identity and what that actually means in the West Indies cricket context.

For this episode Machel was joined by his father Professor Roderick Hewitt, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), MPhil focused in Theology/Theological Studies, to analyse whether the West Indies is a failed construct? Is there any such thing as a true Caribbean identity?

The recording was done with a live You Tube audience so it does include many of their comments as part of the conversation.

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If you would prefer to watch the episode on You Tube. You can watch it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2eNlLz4mcI


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